Welcome to Dalebanks Angus

Dalebanks Angus is a fifth-generation ranch nestled in the southern Flint Hills of Kansas. “Dalebanks” was not a family name, but our ancestors’ farm in their home country of England. When they settled here in 1867, the area resembled their place in the “Old Country,” so they used the same name. The first Angus cattle were purchased in 1904, and we have been raising registered Angus ever since.

Today, Dalebanks Angus is owned by the Perrier family, and we operate nearly 500 registered Angus females. 200 yearling and coming two-year-old bulls are marketed annually through our annual auction the Saturday before Thanksgiving and by private treaty beginning in early March each spring.

Since Bert Barrier brought the first Angus to Dalebanks in 1904, our mission has been to produce genetics that add profit to the beef community. We believe that Angus cattle are exceptional in the traits that make money: reproductive efficiency, performance and end product merit. We strive to produce bulls that excel in ALL of these traits, simultaneously. While this may not always result in one elite trait, we believe that this balance is what enables our customers--and therefore our family-- to achieve long-term profitability.

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Annual Production Sale

Thank you to all who made our 2022 Bull Sale a success! 137 yearling and 2-year-old bulls averaged $6500. High selling bulls were Lots 2 and 57 at $13,500 each.
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Thank you to the Certified Angus Beef Program for the 2020 Seedstock Commitment to Excellence award.